12 Jun, 2023

Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block and Sparking Creativity

Nothing can be more annoying that the writer’s block. It's a term that every writer dreads. It is frustrating to stare at a blank page and your mind devoid of ideas and inspiration. This is one of the most common scenarios most writers face when they start something new or…

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02 Jun, 2023

4 Ways Research Plays A Role In Fiction Writing

Research can play a vital role in fiction writing as it helps authors create rich, creative and believable storylines that readers can identify with. Even though fiction writing involves more imagination, you can add real-world data and elements that can make it seem more credible and believable in the reader’s…

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28 Apr, 2023

6 Ways to Explore Different Narrative Structures

Narrative structure is the way a story is organised and demonstrated to the readers. When you experiment with narrative structures, you can create layers of depth and complexity and add different styles of writing to your career. Here are six different narrative styles you should try out to improve your…

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20 Apr, 2023

5 ways to Develop a Writing Routine

Writing is a skill that requires structure, discipline and hardwork so that you can create consistent good quality work. Developing a writing routine can help you improve and master your writing skills to a great extent and help you progress in your craft. Here are five ways you can develop…

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